Collective Continuum

A precision ecosystem developed to seed projects for humanity; guiding people from darkness to light.

Constituted as a foundation, the Collective Continuum Inc is the next chapter in the development of Islamic philanthropy, pursuing innovation through a venture based approach and enabling better understanding in the world between God’s creation for a brighter future.

We are launching
a commitment of


We have funded the first
round of funding in 2021 of


This is the basis for building an unprecedented machine founded on creating understanding in the world and illuminating the world with the light of the divine.


Refers to the people that are collected and like minded.


Refers to the collective investing in infinity for God's pleasure alone.

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Collective Continuum is a service to God Almighty

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Humanity 1000

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The Collective Continuum way

Our board members. Our board members. Our board members.

Ziver Birg Profile Picture

Ziver Birg

Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Business Strategy Advisor

Muhammed Yesilhark Profile Picture

Muhammed Yesilhark

Angel Investor and Entrepreneur

Ahmet Kayhan Profile Picture

Ahmet Kayhan

Serial Entrepreneur and Strategy Advisor

Talha Yesilhark Profile Picture

Talha Yesilhark

Social Entrepreneur and Strategy Advisor

Said Nuri Profile Picture

Said Nuri

Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor

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The Collective Continuum Inc

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